Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chapter 5 (part 2): the boyfriend jacket

In the continuation of the "boyfriend series," the most raved about item of the season is probably the "boyfriend" jacket. I don't know, for me it's like an instant power item. I just feel transformed in it. With my head held high, shoulders I go to concur the world (office) in my oversized jacket..

1. A night out.
How to wear it: I wanted to play on the masculinity and femininity in this set. The dress is more fitted and sculpted AND I didn't want the length of the dress should not exceed more than a few inches from the rim of the jacket.

2. At the Office
How to wear it: Try not to over-play the boldness of the jacket, so I combined it with a top with a softer and more sensual fabric. Add to it a mid-length skirt and a good looking pair of heels to accentuate the legs.

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