Friday, April 10, 2009

Chapter 5 (part 1): the boyfriend shirt

It is undeniably the season of the "boyfriend." By "boyfriend" I do not mean everyone should immediate go out and get a boy on their arms, but rather it's the season to raid your boyfriend's closet. We'll start off with the boyfriend shirt, continue on to the boyfriend jacket, and then the boyfriend jeans. Important note: Personally, I believe that only ONE "boyfriend" piece should be incorporated into an outfit at once, otherwise I am at risk of looking more like a hobo than a fashionista.

1. All legs (photo credit: the sartorialist)
How to wear it: Oh, how I adore this look! With the oversized "boyfriend" shirt, pairing it with dark-colored, fitted leggings/tights/jeans is the perfect way to avoid being "swallowed" in the shirt. Adding a pair of dark ankle boots or chunky sandals is just an added bonus to elongate the legs.

2. The shirt dress (photo credit garance dore)
How to wear it: Adding a touch of femininity with an accentuating belt at your natural waist immediately eliminate the "sack" effect. Show some legs to leave the mind to the imagination.

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