Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prologue: Welcome

Dear Fellow bloggers-

Welcome! Just to get started, I want to introduce myself, and introduce you to what I look forward to accomplish through this blog. I like to call myself a "minimalist" when it comes to aesthetics. I enjoy anything and everything uncomplicated. Through this blog, I will try to keep my postings to a simplistic nature, discussing the loves of my, decor, food, photography, and everything in between. I also live in New York City, so I would like to utilize this site to share some things I enjoy about this amazing and mysterious city. I hope you'll like it!

p.s. Why don't we get started with Spring Fashion?! Well, I don't know about you, but I am incredibly tired of the dreary and cold New York weather. I cannot wait until Spring rolls around the corner so I will no longer have to dress in 10 plus layers. Here is one of my Spring '09 looks. Simple, chic, and ultra classic.

xoxo, love n fashion

Diane von Furstenburg El Shane Knitted dress $395 (get it now on!)
spring forward!!

spring forward!! - by love n fashion on

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