Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 19: The Golden Era

I am an absolute sucker for classic movies, Cary Grant is my all time favorite leading man. And of course, who could forget Lauren Bacall, Vivian Leigh, and Rita Hayworth, just to name a few of the most talented and glamorous leading ladies of that Golden Era. Therefore, I am beyond ecstatic that Fall 2009 is all about the the sultry 40's conservatism chic. Of course, the va va voom beauty is back too. Dolce & Gabbana sent the ladies down the runway with perfectly liquid-lined eyes, along with vixen red lips. I am so happy glamor is back!

*runway photo credit


  1. I agree with you.. this look is so classic and so glamorous but yet very sophisticated. I love the red lips.. and the muted eyes. It's gorgeous and I'm so happy Dolce & Gabbana incorporated that into their fall collection

  2. I loved Some like it hot and Gone with the wind growing up,such demure ladies they were.

  3. This make up is amazing, Viv L. Looks amazing in gone with the wind, all of those dresses and her flawless pale skin.. oooh !


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