Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 18: Style Dello Russo

Oh ANNA DeLLO RUSSO!!! How my heart fawns over your style.

Words cannot describe how much I admire Anna's innate sense of fashion. She's fearless, confident, and most of all, she stands her the very edgy of fashion. She can take any runway or couture piece to a level of equilibrium between wearability and functionality, yet does not cross the invisible line of being over the top. Ladies and gents, this is as good as fashion gets. Ms. Dello Russo is just a glamorous style vixen. And damn, does this women have a killer body or what!

*I do not take any credit for the photos used, all found via various websites.


  1. I think she looks amazing in anything and everything. She just has that confidence about her that makes it OK to wear crazy couture pieces during the day and walk down the street in them... looking like she belongs in that garment.

  2. Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning outfits.


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