Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chapter 16: No Need to Break the Bank

I am officially declaring my love for pixie market!!! This young/edgy/trendy website just allows you to be fabulous as can be, without breaking the bank. I mean, it's worth putting a pay check down for classic/staple pieces that I'll wear for years to come. But, I'm a practical person, so I'm not going to go bankrupt in the spirit of chasing the latest fashion, and buying something I know I won't wear more than a handful of times. That's why I love pixie market, the latest fashion items at a super affordable price point. Enjoy!

1. All between $100-$200


  1. Those are cute peices especially the second dress.
    And i totally agree never over spend for as long as a purchase cheers you up you go back to reality and realises "i could have bought this when i had the money for it".
    Im planning on putting money away every week for something i really love,its still going to be there when i save up enough cash anyway.
    Need to check this website out.....

  2. Fantastic selection of photos, dear! I like those outfits.


  3. That second outfit...perfect, b/w is awesome!

  4. I absolutely love Pixie market! their offer is constantly changing and I always find so many great pieces... A huge inspiration!


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